Make the Joy of Your Journey
Your #1 Priority

When you join The Journey 2U you shift your center of gravity. 
You get centered, grounded, and empowered to lift into joy.

The Journey 2U Members Get It All

Every time I add new resources, you will get them automatically in your private member's area.   This includes the updates from the remote energy sessions, training recordings, chants, and anything else.   Setting the joy of the journey as your priority moves you forward in all aspects of your life because you are taking a stand about what is important to you.  Law of Attraction responds to your clarity and your commitment.  And with this membership, you're getting cutting edge  training, support, and energy alignment to keep you on track.  

Your membership includes:

  • 8 Remote energy alignment sessions per month for your personal well being
  • 2 Energy Clearing Sessions per Month
  • If you have a small business, private practice, or other professional entity, I will include the financial well being of your business in each session.
  • Each month you receive an audio lesson as a focus for the month
  • And much more...

"Now free from depression..."

"I've been working on healing myself for decades but until you entered my life I could not get to the heart of my depression. It was the THING that ruled my life.  "Now free from depression I am moving forward at last. I feel light in spirit and in body. I wake up happy and go to sleep happy. I am for the first time in my life happy with who I am and grateful to be here in this moment, every moment."

- Email from a  Member

"...$2500 unexpectedly..."

"Within the next two weeks, we came into approximately $2500 unexpectedly from various sources."

- Email from a  Member

The Physical Body

The physical body manifests around the dynamics of the energy body.  By supporting your energy alignment you are creating a fertile ground for the birthing of each new now as your physical body.   The effort you place into your own energy alignment feeds your innate ability to heal from within.  It supports your vitality, flexibility, and stamina*.  The Journey 2U membership is one way to tend to your energy alignment for this purpose.

The Emotional Body

As a long time student of the Abraham Hicks teachings, I am in the habit of understanding the emotions as the instrument of inner guidance.  Even with this understanding, the emotional waves can certainly take hold and take us on a crazy ride.  When you tend to your inner alignment, you gain greater levels of mastery so that you can harvest the guidance from the emotions and minimize the time spent in painful emotional states*.  The Journey 2U membership is one way to tend to your inner alignment for this purpose.


As human beings, all aspects of our lives include the mystery of relationships.  We can never truly know what another is experiencing, and yet we interact in ways that shape and color our whole journey together.  It is a puzzle that spans from our most intimate relationships with loved ones to our general relationship with humanity as a whole.  When you cultivate your inner alignment, you attract relationships based in love, respect, and kindness.  You evolve into greater and greater states of authenticity and connection with others.  The results is more loving, more laughing, and more heart to heart connection.    The Journey 2U membership is one way to tend to your inner alignment for this purpose.

Spiritual Awakening

When you go to the cinema, you see light shining through film to project a story onto the screen.  We get engrossed in the movie and forget that it is all a play of light and sound.   Our lives can get like that too.  We become so involved in the manifested reality, that we forget that we are energy beings.  When we tune in to the light within us, our human experince becomes illuminated and our journey becomes joyful.  We awaken to a perspective that deepens our capacity to feel and expands our awareness.  The Journey 2U membership is one way to tune in to the light within you for this purpose.

Open to the Possibility...

Your reality is new in each instant of now.  You are continually birthing the reality of your life as you live it.  And yet we tend to get locked into the notion that life is happening out there and we just wander into it.  When you open to the possibility that each moment of now is its own big bang that is exploding into your reality and creating your world (I expain this further in the book Rooted in the Infinite: The Yoga of Aligment), your whole perpective changes.  You realize that your degree of alignment determines the power and freedom and love and joy that you experience.   The Journey 2U membership is one way to open to this awakening.

Washing the Windows

When the windows are dirty you cannot see what is just on the other side of the glass.   One solution is to paint a picture on the glass.   Here you are adding something.  Now you can see something.  You see a pretty picture.  But it's the same picture day in and day out.  Another solution is to wash the window.  Now you are removing something.  By removing the obstacle (the dirt on the window), you can see everything.  With this method you develop wisdom and clarity.  The Journey 2U membership is one way to wash your inner windows and access the wisdom that is innately yours.

Intention, Desire, Bow, Arrow

You pull back the arrow, aim, and release.  Once the arrow leaves your bow, it is launched.  You cannot run along side the arrow nudging it this way or that.  You can't hold it and carry it to its destination as it flies through the air.   You must let go.  But just as their are winds that might influence your arrow's direction, the magnetism of your alignment influences the trajectory of your desires and intentions once they are launched.  Your greatest contribution to the satisfying fufillmet of your intentions and desires is to become whole, unconflicted, and pure in your vibration about them.  The Journey 2U membership is one way to become clearer about your intentions and desires and to become pure in your vibration so that Law of Attraction can respond in a way that makes your heart sing.

The Invisible Clubhouse

Ok, it's time for us to get down to the nuts and bolts of this membership and this is the part where I know I might lose you.  But I have to be up front about this so here we go.   It's as if I'm inviting you to join a club and then I tell you the clubhouse is invisible.  You say, "What?  How can we have a meeting in the clubhouse if it's invisible?"  Well, the main component of The Journey 2U membership is the YOFA jhe Sessions.  And, well, they are invisible.  They are remote energy alignment sessions.  Now, I know that for some folks (maybe you?) this makes total sense and needs no explanation.  I also know that for some people this is a brand new notion and might seem a little strange. You can think of it like the remote control for your TV.  There's no physical wire, but it works just fine!  And not that many years ago, it would have been inconceivable for that to work.  And yet now we take it for granted.  Remote energy alignment sessions can work for you no matter where you live and no matter what language you speak.   The emails, however, are in English...

After Each Session

Ok, so if the sessions are invisible, how will you know when I do them?  Simple: After I do a session for you (these are group sessions) I send an email with the focus of the session and what you might expeience as a result.  Now here it's good to mention that some people feel the sessions and some don't.  Whether you do or not, the emails work with your conscious mind and carry the sessions forward.   It is not neccessary for you to read the emails.  But I do recommend it as another avenue of advancement of your inner alignment.

Physical Symptoms Gone

". . .the most prevalent of the physical symptoms I've had for 8 months went totally away!!! . . . Thank you in galactic proportions!"

- Email from a member

Relationship Transformed

"My relationship with my daughter has been transformed, I can feel her love and respect in ways i never dreamed possible."

- Email from a  Member

Got Better and Better

"Thank you Rebbie! I really do feel so much better already. . . I have an injury . . . which causes me constant pain and sleepless nights, but it got better and better through the day yesterday and didn't hurt all night."

- Email from a  Member

Relationship Better than Ever

"My relationship with my husband is better than it has ever been.  All aspects of my life appear to be coming together."

- Email from a  Member

"Yee haw!!!"

"It has been a long time since I have felt as good as I have on the "good" days!!! I have been in chronic pain and physically limited after a fall 3 years ago, but have had some very good days throughout this and even came down stairs like a "normal" person a couple of times. I have needed less pain medication, and even went a day without any medication at all the first week....yee haw!!!" 

- Email from a  Member

When You Sign Up For The Journey 2U Membership Now, You'll Get:

  • Instant access to the members site with tarnsformational recordings and resources so you can get started immediately
  • 8 YOFA jhe Sessions per month (remote inner alignment sessions)
  • 2 Remote Energy Clearing Sessions
  • Your business, job, carreer or other financial entity included in each session
  • Email update after every session
  • A monthly focus in the form of an audio or video recording
  • Your monthly or annual membership fee locked in at the current price, for the life of your membership
  • Additional resources (such as chants, teleseminar replays and other bonuses) as I  release them

You're already there...

Have you ever noticed that life will always fill your screen with seemingly urgent matters?  It can seem like something is always more important than the quality of your experience.  The doing of life always seems like a higher priority than the being of life.  After all, the bills need to be paid, the dishes need to be washed, the train is on a schedule and the time ticks away with all that doing leaving you only scraps of attention left for you to tend to the joy of your journey.  But the funny thing is that you are always there.  You are already there.  You are continually on your your journey and the YOFA jhe Sessions, energy clearings, and monthly focus of this membership help you remember who you truly are.  They help awaken in you the light and vitality and joy right there where you already are, even in the simple moments spent with things like paying your bills and doing the dishes.  This membership is your partner in bringing forward the sacred gift that is your life experience and allowing this awareness to infuse into everything from the most mundane tasks to the most exhilarating highs in your life.

"At the exact moment when you are ready to make your journey your number one priority - that is when you are ready to join The Journey2U."

I understand that this membership is not for everyone.  In fact, it is a small subset of those interested in Law of Attraction, New Thought, Energy Healing, Chiropractic Philosophy, or the ancient teachings of Yoga who will find and resonate with this offering.  If that happens to be you, I welcome you to this YOFA membership and promise that I will do my best to support your vitality, love, personal empowerment, freedom, wisdom, and the joy of your journey through the methods offered in The Journey 2U.

With Love,
Rebbie Straubing, D.C.

Questions?  Send me a note!  rebbie(at)

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When you become a member of The Journey 2U you are declaring that the quality of your journey is your highest priority and that you are taking responsibility for that stand in life.  You are also open heartedly accepting my contribution to your journey.  You understand that it comes to you as a monthly focus and 8 remote energy alignment sessions per month with each session followed by an email that transmits the tone and focus of the session.  You will also have access to a password protected members' site where you can access other resources as they are added.  You can relax and experience the membership for a full 60 days with absolutley no risk.  If for any reason during that time you are not happy with your membership, you can ask for a full refund, no questions asked. 

Please be aware that this is an ongoing membership with a monthly tuition that will be billed automatically.  Your initial charge will be $97. You will then be charged $97 per month for as long as you stay a member.  This fee includes 8 YOFA jhe Sessions/month (value $160), 2 energy clearing sessions (value $40), plus the additional training which is not available  elsewhere but which is valued at an additional $59/month.   It also includes other resources in the members' site and additional bonuses bringing the value to above $259 per month but you pay only $97.